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Recommended Applicants for NIW Immigration

Based on our successful cases, the groups that can usually apply for NIW include:

Master’s graduates (no work experience required)
Entrepreneurs (regardless of company size)
White-collar and professional workers in various industries (doctors, professors, engineers, researchers, managers, and administrators, among others)
Artists in the industry (jewelry designers, photographers, painters, musicians, performers, etc.)

Regardless, for applicants, it is crucial to accurately identify their own resume highlights during the application process and highlight the substantial merit in their professional fields. At the operational level, how to make specific application materials and increase the application pass rate cannot be separated from professional guidance from experienced immigration lawyers. We are a team of professional immigration lawyers jointly created by domestic lawyers and overseas senior immigration lawyers. We have successfully handled hundreds of immigration cases, are skilled in identifying the highlights of applicants’ professional fields, and offer personalized and improved documentation. We welcome the above-mentioned individuals who are interested in applying for NIW to contact us directly for consultation.

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