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Who can apply for NIW?

There are two categories of people who can apply for the NIW Visa:

Advanced degree holders:
These are people who have a master’s degree or higher. If they have a bachelor’s degree, they need to have at least five years of relevant industry experience.

Individual with exceptional ability in science, art and business:
The second group includes those who have outstanding abilities in science, art, or business fields. They must meet at least three of the following six criteria to prove their ability:

(1) Possession of a degree related to the professional field
(2) More than ten years of full-time work experience in the professional field
(3) Professional licenses or certificates related to the profession
(4) Salaries higher than the industry average
(5) Membership in a professional association
(6) Significant achievements and contributions in the professional field, recognized by peers, government, or other organizations (usually in the form of recommendation letters from industry experts).

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